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MetaSparks Videos on YouTube

Hi everyone, I've started a YouTube channel featuring my lyrical analysis of Ron and Russell Mael's songwriting for Sparks.. It's only a...

SPARKS: The dark side of No.1 In Heaven

The Number One Song In Heaven, a two-part single by Sparks in collaboration with Georgio Moroder, was the first time that a rock band had...

A Meta Guide to Lil Beethoven

Sparks’ self-proclaimed “career-defining opus” is misunderstood, and I’d like you to consider another way of looking at it. Think of it...

SPARKS: A meta guide to ‘Balls’

Sparks’ career can be neatly split into two halves. For the first half they’d switch genre, hop labels and seek out new audiences in...

SPARKS: Why Stravinsky?

Stravinsky’s Only Hit tells a wild tale in which composer Igor Stravinsky makes a foray into pop music. He strikes big with a...

SPARKS: Why Stravinsky? - Part Two

In my last post I suggested that Sparks may be attempting to further the work of Stravinsky and other great composers, but for what...

Sparks: What does it all mean?

I'm the kind of person that pores over the lyrics of each new Sparks release, looking for pearls of wisdom and easter eggs. New album A...

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An analysis of Ron and Russell Mael’s experimental songwriting

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